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Brighten your office space!

We spend way too much time in an office, when we should be out-doors, doing fun things instead. Wouldn't you agree?

But being out and about all day, everyday is rarely an option (for most of us). So why don't we try to brighten that space where we spend most of our waking hours, with objects that are utiliatrian, minimal and fun, all at once? 

The Fashion BARN shows you how!

1. For all you coffee lovers, The Urban Tweeter Mugs.

Conversation starters, ice breakers, call them what you may. They are a set of absolutely adorable mugs that are sure to drive away the morning blues

2. Nostalgia meets functionality in this unique take on desk accessories. Meet the PlayPlane.

Made in coated steel, it can be used to hold a photograph, a memo, a card, a menu, or perhaps, a surprise message! 

3. Watr Glasses! 



Inspired by the ebb and flow of water, these copper glasses are sure to take you right back to simpler times. Juxtaposing the unbroken, effortless glide of water with sharp, elegant geometry, these glasses reminisce memories of an old tradition, in a dapper, young avatar. 


4. If you are in Bangalore, India, try the Pentagon Organic Terrarium - we absolutly love this, but infotunately shipping is limited to this region only!




Upcoming events
Curated events are "our thing"! Bringing the best brands to you, so you can experience them, is what we do best and consistently. 
Here is a list of our upcoming events -
  • The Purple Hangar - Anahe, Indranagar, Bangalore - July 15th
  • Black Taxi - Courtyard Mariott, Ahemedabad - July 28th, 29th
  • The Inde pop-up - Mountain View, CA - August 15th to Sept 5th 
Transforming shopping into an experience.
See you there!
Free to be you!
Dressing up is a form of self-expression. We believe, there are subtle hints to who we are in what we wear. And what we wear enhances our true nature. 
So this little girl, always looking up to her mother, as her ultimate role model, knew of the world that her mother showed her. She always chose comfortable slacks and tee's - that's what her mom wore. She was abstracted from a world of pretty frocks, skirts and shorts. 
When the mother-daughter duo came to explore TFB's very first pop-up, the little one looked at one outfit and said "Can I try this?" 
What follows is the series of "little happenings" after this :) She twirled and danced all day long because the dress made her want to do so! 

I am beautiful
I am open to all possibilities
I am unique and gifted
I am free to be me
I am full of love.I am love.
I am happy as I am & 
There is so much I am yet to BECOME.
It's not about the dress you wear, but the life you lead in that dress.

3 Item(s)

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